It’s time to update your membership!

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Westborough Newcomers Club members at last year's fall fest.

Westborough Newcomers Club members at Fall Fest 2014.

The summer is winding down and it’s time for the kids to be heading back to school. The Westborough Newcomers Club is planning a lot of great events for the upcoming 2015-16 year. Don’t forget to update your membership so that you can continue to get updated about our great events! If you’re a resident of Westborough who isn’t a member yet, the fall is a perfect time to join! The Westborough Newcomers Club has a lot of wonderful events throughout the year that include children, families and adults. We also have a lot of great interest groups; including playgroups, Ladies’ Night Out, Men’s Night Out, book club, among others, that have ongoing activities throughout the year. Our most active interest groups are Children’s playgroup and Infant playgroups which meet weekly and are a great way for parents to meet other parents and have their children socialize and play with others. Joining the Westborough Newcomers Club is a great way to connect with people in the town and to feel a part of the community. To join/renew your membership, click here. We look forward to meeting you this year!