If you have interests such as these and want to join an interest group or form an entirely new one, please join the Westborough Newcomers Club and get involved! Often these activities can be just what you need to start building new friendships, learn more about the town you live in, and the many services that we can offer.

Book Club
This Book Club meets on a weekday evening to discuss the monthly book of choice. They read a variety of books and enjoy a social night of adult conversation.

Bunco is a dice game played on the third Thursday of each month. Each member takes a turn hosting and providing appetizers and wine. It is more about the socializing than the game and a fun night out for the ladies.

Cooking Club
This group is for anyone who loves to cook or wants to learn how to cook. We’ll be learning how to cook with the essentials, mastering a meal with no recipe, meal planning and so much more!

Craft Group
Craft Group is currently looking for new members. This group meets once a month and focuses on a different craft each time such as wreath or jewelry making.

In-A-Pinch Group
“In A Pinch” is not a group that meets but one that volunteers to help other members. When a Newcomer is “in a pinch” such as a new birth, illness or death in the family, a volunteer provides a home cooked meal.

Fitness Group: Running
If those running sneakers haven’t hit the pavement yet now is the time! The Running Group will be meeting Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m. at the high school to help motivate each other for a race or an excuse to get out and exercise. Everyone runs at their own pace, but with more of us there you’ll be sure to find someone to run with. Men and women are welcome no matter what your ability is.

Fitness Group: Walking
Would you like to get outside and walk with others? The Walking Group meets one to two days a week, weather permitting, to walk in downtown Westborough. Strollers and friendly dogs are welcome!

Ladies’ Night Out
Meets monthly and enjoys a wide variety of events with the girls.

Mens’ Club
Meets monthly and enjoys a wide variety of events including bands, bowling, sporting events, pool, etc.

Playgroup: Children’s
Children’s Playgroup meets every Wednesday morning from 9:30-11:30am. The children range from newborns to preschoolers. Each member takes a turn hosting. It´s a great way for moms to have some adult conversation!

Playgroup: Infant
Infant’s Playgroup for those 18 months and younger meeting monthly (older siblings are welcome).